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We are Jim & Kathleen Bellomo

Much of what you read on this website will be reviews and opinions about our travels and our home city, Seattle. Therefore, we think it would help if you knew who we are. Read on if you are interested in us. If not, go forward to our sites or trips.

Kathleen was an insurance underwriter with Group Health Cooperative/Kaiser Permanente until December 15, 2017 when she  retired!!! I own my own business that produces niche products for the high school yearbook industry.

Since January 2018, we have started our Funtirement careers as travel agents because, well, we love to travel and we love to plan travel

Kathleen and I met on the Internet in November 1997 and we each have kids from previous marriages.

Kathleen has a wonderful daughter (Michelle who works as a graphic artist at Château St. Michelle) who is married to a great guy (Brian who runs a high-end European auto repair shop). Jim has one of each, a son (Josh who is in his 20th year with Costco) who is married to a super young lady (Cynthia who is in the medical research field) and a daughter (Jenna who is an elementary school teacher) who is  married to another great guy (Joel who is a detective with the Washington State Patrol) and one grandson (Mason) and one granddaughter (Maylee) who are the lights of our lives.

Our interests include travel, theater, film, reading and for me, photography, cooking and computers--Macintosh computers. If you are ever in Seattle, I would love to cook for you. There is nothing either of us would rather be doing than sailing on a cruise ship with any of our Martini Mates or playing with our grandchildren.




Other web sites that I create and maintain

My Seattle

We have met so many people in our travels who are coming to Seattle and ask for recommendations on what to do, where to stay and where to eat that I created this  website
for them. Help yourself. Click the photo.

Our Grandson Mason

 A bunch of pics detailing all the days that my Grandson Mason has been on this earth. Totally up to date and will be kept up to date each month.

Our Granddaughter Maylee

A bunch of pics detailing all the days that our Grandaughter Maylee has been on this earth. Totally up to date and will be kept up to date each month.

Our Sites


In 2013 I did a photo project where I took 7 pics a week for 52 weeks with other photographer friends. Clicking the pic will take you to see our photos.


In 2008 I did my first 365 Project (really a 366 because it was leap year) where I took a photo every day of the year and posted them online. The site has all the photos from 2008.


I did my second 365 project in 2011. This is the complete site with all pics and commentary. Enjoy.

Our Trips

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October 2018 New England

Our longest trip yet! Six days pre-cruise in a car, 4 nights in NYC and a 14 night Fall Foliage tour to Québec and other awesome places in New England and maritime Canada.

Our first FAM-HAL to Alaska

Now that we are travel consultants, we have cruises where we have to work. This was one of them. A chance to learn all about the current offerings of Holland America.

October 2017 Utah

In October 2017 Kathleen and I were looking for a way to burn some of her vacation time before she retires. One place we had never been to together was...UTAH!

June 2017 Alaska...again

Almost all our Martini Mates come to our hometown to sail with us to the 49th State for our fifth time. Not a lot new but we have a great time! It's a cruise.

April-May 2017 Low Country

We took a slow trip through the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia visiting Charleston, Hilton Head and Savannah. We saw lots of stuff and ate great food.

August 2016-British Isles

In August 2016 we took one of our best trips ever. A week in Amsterdam followed by a two week cruise around the British Isles culminating in a visit to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

October 2013
Toronto and Chicago

In early October we flew first to Toronto to visit your friends Tim and Perry and then on to Chicago to visit the new home of my brother John. This is our story.

June 2013–Eclipse Cruise
to the Baltic

Our latest journey started in Vancouver, then on to London, Brugges, Belgium, Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Estonia and Copenhagen.

November 2014-Panama Canal

In November of 2014 we took a ten-year anniversary cruise with Celebrity. In November 2004 we had taken a cruise on Infinity through the Panama Canal. We did it again (same day, same ship, same cabin) this time with 11 of our closest friends...the Martini Mates.

November 2012–Hawaii

We join our Martini Mates on our beloved Century and sail to Hawaii in 15 days to and from San Diego. Lots of fun onboard.

January 2012–Down Under to New Zealand and Australia

 A 21-day trip Down Under. We boarded Celebrity’s Century and sailed down the coast of New Zealand, through the fjords and across the Tasman Sea to  Sydney, Australia

September 2011
Off to Alaska on Century

Our friends Bob and Judy had decided to go to Alaska on Celebrity’s Century and we decided to go along as well.

Click here to see our other (older) travel

I love taking pictures

It's my first and foremost hobby (either that or cooking). This is just a sample of what you will find on my Flickr feed that you can get to by clicking here.

I have also put together a slide show of my best photos ever. You can see it by clicking here.


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