Last updated on November 12, 2019

I have lived here (in Redmond, a Seattle suburb) since June 1998 and before that I lived within 100 miles of this wonderful city. I love all the great things to do here. All the great places to eat. All of the great places to stay (yes, we do use the hotels from time to time).

Another thing I love to do is write about our travels. And friends who know I write about travel (read about our travels by clicking here) asked me if I could write about Seattle the way I do about the other cities we visit. That’s how this site came about. I hope it helps you plan and visit our wonderful city. And if there is anything that you don’t see or want more info on, just click the e-mail link at the top of any page and drop me a note. If we are in the country, I promise to get back to you sometime within the week or less.

Of course there are lots of other guides. I even link to many of them on the other pages, this is just about the things I love about Seattle.

I love this place. Seattle