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Welcome to our 7/52 site. This site has been set up to grow our photo knowledge and expertise over 2013. If you have no clue what this is all about, just click the ABOUT link and it will explain it all.

If you aren't one of the 7/52 photographers, we invite you to join us or to just enjoy the photos. Click any of the links at right and see the photos by that photographer.

If you are a photographer, please read the ABOUT page and then send me a link to your photos as well as a self-portrait so I can add it here. Don't leave me hanging, take some pictures.

If you missed the first week, don't worry about it. The more the merrier. Check out the pics and get shooting. Post them on a photo site then send me the link at this address.

Note on week 52:

We did it! Great work everyone. Some of us have already posted our top 10/15/20 pics of the year as well. I will send out an e-mail tomorrow about the new year. Watch for it.

Jason Baronowski from Virginia
Jason finishes strong! You will find his weeks 51 photos here, his week 52 here and his top pics here.
Jim Bellomo from Washington
You will find my week 52 photos by clicking here. ANd you can find my 15 best shots from this year here.

Could not narrow this down to only 10 so you will just have to suffer through 15. I put new comments on them as to why they made the top 15 but left the original comments below as well. They are in order from 15 to 1.

Mary Bunch from New Mexico
You will find her week 52 photos by clicking here. And find Mary's top photos of the year by clicking here.

Can’t believe I finished the year – I was looking at photos from last years first week and I am amazed at how much my photos have changed!

I discovered Darkroom! Holy Cow – It’s fantastic! I think it will make it much easier for me to “process” photos this year. All of these are much better thanks to a little bit of tweeking. Really did wonders for my photos in front of a lit Christmas tree that were stark with a flash and too dark without.

Have a fantastic New Year’s –

Tim Giguere from Toronto, Ontario
You will find his week 52 by clicking  here. You can see what he feels are the top 20 of last year by clicking here.

Here it is -- my last set of the year! I've yet to finalize my Top 10 set, but hope to get that to you by this evening. Seeing as a precedent had been set (thanks Brian!), I expanded my short list to include my favourite 20 shots of the year.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Bill Holstein from Western Colorado
You will find his week 52 photos by clicking here. And you can see Bill's top photos of 2013 by clicking here.

Jim this being the last week of the year and the end to our weekly photos I did a special tribute just for you.  It is call a day in the life of our cats.

Check out the blog for Bill's new Victorian house by clicking here.

Brad Stratton from Colorado
You will find his week 52 photos by clicking here.
You will find his top 10 er..17 here.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We had our whole family here. Both of our daughters were home. Our son's-in-law parents joined us on Christmas day. It sure makes it easier to get both families together and not make our daughter and her husband have to choose which family to be with or to have to split the day. Our "Navy" daughter's fiance flew in on Thursday and will be staying until New Year's day. We also put down the deposit for sight for their wedding.


Michelle Terril from Washington
You will find her week 52 photos by clicking here.
You will find her top 10 by clicking here.


Brian Terril from Washington
You will find his week 52 photos by clicking here.
You will find his top 10, er...20 by clicking here.





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