We ate our way through two states and loved it.

In late April 2017, the South Carolina reps asked me to come down and teach Photoshop and yearbook for a few days. Now Kathleen is not a big fan of being bored while I do workshops so she didn't want to join me but since we had wanted to visit the Low Country for a number of years, we decided to have her fly down on the day I finished the last workshop and then we would take a week and spend three days in Charleston, two in Hilton Head and two in Savannah–the Low Country. Much of our trip was about food. These are awesome food cities.
Check out the other pages for each of our destinations. They are full of photos, reviews of hotels, restaurants and the tours we took. If they help guide you to a better vacation in the Low Country, then our goal will be achieved.

The best parts of this trip

Best tour
The Food Tour we took with Savannah Taste Experience Food Tours. Our tour guide Pamela was excellent as was all the food we got to try including  some amazing shrimp and grits that I thought was the best dish of the tour.
Best lodging
This has to be the amazing, historic AirBnB we were lucky enough to be able to stay in while in Savannah–Laura's Cottage, a wonderful two story cabin that was  built in the 1700s and has been completely restored and so well taken care of you won't believe it. It's the American equivalent of sleeping in a British castle. If all AirBnBs were like this, we would never stay in a hotel again.
Best breakfast
As I mentioned earlier, we ate a bunch of amazing and really delicious food. We tried to limit ourselves by only having a good breakfast around 9:00 am and then no lunch and dinner around 6:30 pm. We had a lot of really great breakfasts but the best was at the Early Bird Diner just south of downtown Charleston. And now I have to admit that before this trip, I had never had chicken and waffles. Really. We had read in the NY Times (of all places) that this was the place to get chicken and waffles. So we both ordered them and folks, they were AWESOME! Seriously amazing. A cinnamon waffle with maple syrup and pecan-crusted fried chicken  with a honey-mustard sauce.