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Those of you who already know me, know how much I love to take pictures. Photography is my FAVORITE hobby...or is that cooking? Well, it's way up there. I do need to say that on this trip I took far less photos than I usually do. The reason: this was our fifth trip to Alaska and we were going on this cruise just to be with our Martini Mate friends. Last year on our 14 night British Isles cruise I took more than 7,000 photos. On this seven night cruise I took less than 700 and many of those were of our friends which might not interest you. I have grouped those in the people slide show below and the other slide show is just Alaska sights.



Nikon D810 (90% of photos)


Nikor 28-300 mm zoom lens
Nikor 50mm f1.4 prime lens

SmartPhone Camera

iPhone 7 (10% of photos)

Alaska Scenes

Special Note:

You will need to click to go through the slides. The Autoplay feature moves too fast.

Solstice People

Solstice Food